Best Eco-Friendly Laminate Flooring Options

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You may wonder why according to EPA that levels of indoor pollution are much higher than the outdoor levels. The explanation for this is right there below your feet. The source of many pollutants, some carcinogenic, are right in the carpeting of your own house. Most carpets are treated

How To Make Non Toxic Wood Floor Cleaner

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These non-toxic cleaners will work well on all wood floor types. When considering any type of cleaner for your wood floors, it’s important that you not only get them clean but, that they’re properly sealed and conditioned. Some of the commercial cleaners that aren’t organic can do more damage

Best Wood Floor Cleaners That Are Safe For Babies

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So you’ve child-proofed the house with a safety gate, child locks, choking hazards and electrical sockets. But one important safety measure that is often forgotten is child-proofing the everyday household chemicals we use. I’m sure you’ve noticed your baby will lick and suck anything they can put their mouth

Common Misconceptions About Recycled Bamboo Flooring

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It’s finally time: you decide to move into a new house or apartment! Although, there is one essential question when it comes to renovating your new place – what to do about the flooring? When you ask several different people, there’s going to be several different opinions. You might

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Mop

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There are various floor designs in different homes out here. For those whose floor is made of hardwood, I bring you good news today. Not only is a wood floor attractive and reliable, but it also has so many more benefits. Some of these benefits include; easy to clean,