Hoover makes very decent lightweight vacuums. Is the sh20030 one of them? Here, I give my thoughts after using this vacuum for over a month.

Product Description

The Hoover sh20030 is just a corded version of the Hoover Linx. If you hated the Linx, you will hate this one as well. If you loved the Linx, the corded version is everything it was, only cheaper.

It weighs only eight pounds. The weight, however, does not compromise its power. It packs enough power to leave your floors sparkling.

Features You Will Love:

1. Powerful Suction

This vacuum employs WindTunnel Technology. This technology enables it to offer power that is way above its size.

It is even stronger than the more expensive Linx vacuum.

2. Dust Chamber

The dust chamber is compact and very easy to empty. All it takes is the push of a button. It is, however, tiny.

You may need to empty it after each cleaning session.

Go for a larger vacuum if you cannot do without large dust chambers.

3. Silent Cleaning

The sh20030 is not as noisy as most vacuums. It is not even loud enough to drown out the television. How many vacuums can boast of that?

The other advantage of this is obvious to cat owners. Being less noisy, it will not put your cat on edge as other vacuums.

4. Natural Brushroll Controls

The powered brush roll is easily controlled using controls on the handle. This placement gives the user more control over the equipment.

It would, however, be better at the very top of the handle. All in all, it still gets the job done.

5. Foam Filters

This vacuum comes with washable foam filters. Most people prefer HEPA filtration. One disadvantage of HEPA filtration is the need to get new filters with time.

Washable foam filters save you the expense. The cyclonic design also keeps them cleaner, for longer.

Thumbs Up

  1. A 20-foot power cord makes it ideal for household cleaning.
  2. An 8- pound weight allows for excellent maneuverability.
  3. It picks up pet hairs easily. This capability makes it ideal for pet owners.
  4. It is easy to use under furniture and other hard to reach areas.
  5. It can face off aginst more expensive rigs, like the Shark Rocket Ultralight, comfortably. Especially on carpeted floors.

Thumbs Down

  1. It does not support accessories.
  2. Dust containment is not sufficiently big.
  3. Larger debris may prove to be a challenge. You should slow down as you approach it.

The Corded sh20030 vs The Cordless Linx Vacuum

The sh20030 is cheaper and gives more power than its predecessor. Corded vacuums also have the advantage of infinite cleaning time.

The Linx is battery powered. It will run for only about 15 minutes. A quarter of an hour is barely enough time to vacuum two bedrooms!


If you want a versatile, lightweight vacuum, shs20030 is a good option. The price is fair and the maneuverability excellent. It is also suitable for a range of floor types.

For vacuuming hard floors, carpets, to throw rugs. This vacuum will do.

It is also among very few rigs that completely pick up pet hairs.

For pet owners, this is a cheap and workable option for you.

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